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yellow chair in a white room

Color Consultations

Our certified color consultant can help you pick the perfect palette for decorating your home or workspace.   A typical color consultation focuses on identifying potential colors based on psychology (how certain hues affect human behavior) and color theory (how certain colors mix and the visual effects of those mixtures) to fulfill a client's design goals.

Purple furniture in a purple room
Blue sofa in a blue room
Yellow chair in a white living room with plant
Lavender wall with blue accents and sweater
teal wall with paper partition and yellow couch

Let Us Help You Design with Color Principles in Mind

From walls to flooring to furniture and fabrics, our trained and certified color consultant will coordinate your entire space with color techniques developed through the esteemed Maria Killam True Color Expert program.  Picking the perfect palette can be overwhelming.  We simpify the process by narrowing down your options.

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